Linked Marketing Academy 2.0 Review

Are you struggling to find high-paying clients?  Wouldn’t you like to command the prices you deserve for the services you provide?  Linked Marketing Academy 2.0 is here for you.

If you’ve had any kind of job or worked for any kind of company in the last ten years, you know what LinkedIn is.  If you’re like me at all, you probably don’t take it that seriously.  I’ve had a LinkedIn account for longer than I can remember.  I use it sometimes, mostly when I switch jobs or roles.  I get the occasional emails about that old colleague who got a new job or had an anniversary, but other than that I don’t really think about it.

By ignoring LinkedIn, I was making a huge mistake, and you are too.

LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful marketing platform, an opportunity for you to connect with more than 300 million people at more than five million companies.  Better, the 300 million people on LinkedIn are there for business.  They’re not there to look at cat videos or share pictures of their kids; they’re on LinkedIn to network, to do business, to make money.

Better still, LinkedIn has the largest income per user of all social media web sites.  The average household income of a LinkedIn user is $83,000.  LinkedIn users are there to do business, and they make more money on average than other social media users.  LinkedIn is the virtual place to meet the most influential affluent people in your market.

But how do you harness this power?  You could buy LinkedIn ads, but that gets pricey fast, and you’ll be spending a lot of money on trial and error, burning through a hefty chunk of your budget before you even know what works.  You could appeal to your network, but how many people is that?  And do you really want to be the guy in your network who only reaches out when he wants to sell something?  And what about the vast number of people outside of your network?

Linked Marketing Academy 2.0 has found the way.

Linked Marketing Academy 2.0 is a premiere online academy for business owners, coaches, trainers, speakers, and consultants who want to master LinkedIn marketing.  This program will show you how to find more clients and demand premium rates.

The best part: you can do all of this without spending any money on ads. 

Or, you can use the knowledge you gain in the Academy to start your own courses.  You’ll be able to teach other people how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and sales.

As you learn how to gain more clients and command higher prices for your services, you’ll discover how to design your business and life the way you want.

Best part: in less than 20 minutes a day you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn to get 30 leads in the next 7 days and how to turn at least one of those leads into a high paying client.

I’ve started using this in my own business, and the results have been amazing.  They’ve been intoxicating, to be honest.  Using what I learned in the Academy, I was able to research more productively, and I got my first sale within the first week.  Using the automation tools — my favorite part — I’ve been able to take the work out of what has already been successful, so the process will repeat itself, eliminating all the boring, repetitive tasks.

I was able to learn how to build this LinkedIn strategy, step-by-step, all for $27, and you can too.

If you want to discover how to get more clients, command the premium prices that you deserve and design your business and life the way you want without hard work and without spend a dollar in ads then this may be the most important you will ever read and here’s why:

1. There are over 300 million people on LinkedIn.

2. 77% of users are age 25 and above.

3. Average household income is $83,000.

4. The monthly active user growth is twice as big as Facebook and Twitter.

5. There are over 5 million businesses active on LinkedIn.

The promise of Linked Marketing Academy 2.0: You will get results!  If you just follow the process, you will have all the tools, strategies and blueprints to build 6 and 7 figures businesses just from LinkedIn.

Linked Marketing Academy 2.0 was created by the team at Mushbloom Publishing with one specific purpose: to help as many business owners, coaches, trainers, speakers and consultants to grow their businesses using LinkedIn.

This is not a fly by night product but an online academy of its own, designed to stay in the market for years and support you along the way with LinkedIn Marketing. It took the team behind this product five years to master LinkedIn Marketing and learn how to add value to the network and build a business in the same time and more than 12 months to build the product.

Of course, the internet is full of screenshots showing everyone making hundreds of thousands of dollars, as though, overnight, anybody can copy and paste them.  You’re right to be dubious of claims like that.  If you really want to build step by step a real business using LinkedIn and relying on adding value, then Linked Marketing Academy 2.0 is for you.

Now is the time to make a decision!  Grab your start-up membership spot before limited spots run out! 

Here is a look at what you will get inside of the members area as the member of Linked Marketing Academy 2.0:

Training Guide

This unique and easy to understand Training Guide will supply you with the most accurate information needed to build huge networks of people that you can contact about your business and products.

Here’s a brief insight into the great assistance that we are providing you with in our exclusive training guide:

Chapter I: What is LinkedIn all about?
Chapter II: Why you should definitely use LinkedIn for your Business today?
Chapter III: How your business can get the most out of LinkedIn?
LinkedIn Company Pages
LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn SlideShare
LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Premium
LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Mobile Apps
Chapter IV: The Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools.  (This one is my personal favorite.  Not only can you make money through LinkedIn, but you can fully automate the process, making it even easier!)
Chapter V: The 10 do’s you have to apply in your LinkedIn Marketing campaigns.
Chapter VI: The 10 don’ts you have to avoid in your LinkedIn Marketing.
Chapter VII: Shocking LinkedIn Case Studies.
Chapter VIII: How to make tons of money with LinkedIn as an affiliate.  (Another favorite.  Not only can you make money marketing on the site, but you can also make money from the site itself!)

A word to the wise: you want to act now.  Access to Linked Marketing Academy 2.0 will be open for a limited time at only $27.  After that, membership will be only be available through private promos at $97.

Now is your chance to own one spot and enjoy success like the experts do… lifetime membership to Linked Marketing Academy 2.0!

Get your spot in line now.

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